JD Lawrence

JD Lawrence is one of the most prolific playwrights in his genre. Lawrence combined productions have grossed millions and have been featured on Bravo, BET, Aspire, UPtv, and Sony Home Entertainment.

JD Lawrence Shoe Collection

JD Lawrence’s new shoe collection consists of designer men and women shoes and sneakers. Lawrence’s high-quality collection is 100% hand-crafted in Italy and combines, handcrafting tradition, quality and luxury.

JD's Place The Animated Series

JD's Place is a topical animated series created by Two-Time Telly award winning writer and director JD Lawrence. JD’s Place is a topical animated series,  it will feel more like a regular family sitcom with funny, traditional-style stories and characters that revolve around marriage, pop culture, work, politics and coming of age.  

Guinness World Records

JD Lawrence in 2019 surpasses the Guinness World Records 

for playing 72 characters in one man show entitled SKITZOPHRENIA .  


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