JD Lawrence’s SKITZophrenia inspired by actual adverse childhood experiences is a new ninety-minute one-man show written, directed and survived by JD Lawrence. The Two-Time Telly Award Winner’s  performance in SKITZophrenia made history when it trumped the Guinness World Records title of “Playing The Most Characters In A One Man Show” in June 2019. Lawrence is a national award winning playwright and creator of shows on BET, Bravo, Aspire and UpTV. Lawrence calls SKITZophrenia a “Therapeutic Dramedy Memoir”. The show deftly tackles important mental health topics including schizophrenia, depression, PTSD, domestic violence, trauma, drugs & alcohol. Lawrence’s performance is an absolute must see for the entire family. JD Lawrence’s SKITZophrenia the one man musical, no the comedy, it’s a drama... it’s healing.